Viewing/Printing a PDF Document

The PDF option allows you to retrieve, whenever possible, a Portable Document Format (PDF) file of a document for viewing or printing with AcrobatTM Reader, a free application available from Adobe Systems.

Depending on the collection you are viewing and the available content, PDF files may be retrieved for many kinds of documents, including (where available) articles and citations from magazines, journals, and eBooks. When viewing the PDF file, you will see an image of the document as it originally appeared in publication.

You may also find a PDF version of facsimile pages (if included in the database you are using), as well as certain image files, including maps and tables, where available.

Look for the PDF link below the citation on a results list or your Marked Items list, and as a link on the document display page.

To retrieve PDF files...

  1. Click on the PDF link.
  2. If AcrobatTM Reader is not set up, follow the instructions.
  3. The AcrobatTM Reader pops up; wait for the document to finish downloading (page images are rather large).
  4. Use AcrobatTM Reader to read or print the document.

In some collections, you may be limited as to how many PDF pages can be viewed at one time. In this case, a pop-up window will prompt you to enter individual page numbers and/or a range of pages; for example: 1,3, 5-7, 11-15.

You may save a PDF document as an InfoMark. In addition, the AcrobatTM Reader provides tools to save a copy of the document directly to your PC or to disk, print the document, and e-mail it. Consult the AcrobatTM Reader Help files for more information.

Click the Close this window link when you have finished.

Note: If you are having difficulty saving and viewing PDF files, make sure you have AcrobatTM Reader version 6.0 or higher installed on your PC.