Translating a Document

If enabled by your library, you may be able to translate a document from the document display page when you see the following controls:

Select a language from the drop-down menu and then click Translate. The system will generate a translation of the current document and display the translated text in a separate browser window. Lengthy documents may take slightly longer to translate.

Note: This machine translation is provided for your convenience only. It should not be considered a replacement for human translation.

From the translated document window, you may Print and Download the document. Click Close this window when you have finished.

Only the document itself will be translated, and not the surrounding links and buttons on the screen (including the Subject Guide sidebar and the tab names). To link to related documents or to any embedded multimedia files, return to the original document display page.

In addition, only the document title of a document's Gale citation will be translated; all other elements of the citation will be presented in the document's original language. Foreign words that appear in the document will not be translated, however, most commonly-used acronyms will be translated.

The default language for translation (the choice that automatically appears in the drop-down box) is based on how you logged in, the settings made by your library and the language you selected on the Preferences page. In addition, the system "remembers" the last language you selected during your current session and makes that the default language. To override the default, simply select a different language from the drop-down menu.