Third-Party Resources

Your library may have enabled you to link to third-party Web resources via an OpenURL server to look for additional material related to the content you are viewing. You may link to electronic resources such as full-text repositories; abstracting, indexing and citation databases; on-line catalogs of other libraries; and citations appearing in research articles or e-print systems, to name a few. You may even be able to initiate an Internet search using a search engine such as Google or Yahoo.

You may link to third-party resources from one or more of these pages:

In most cases the other sources will open in a separate browser window and display additional search options. If you don't see the other source when you click on the link, be sure to check under the other Gale windows. Don't forget to close all the windows when you're done.

Depending on your library's system settings, the links to electronic resources may appear as hyperlinked text (for example, WorldCat or SFX) or as icons (such as or  ). If you see icons, hover over the icon to pop up a text description of the link.