Subject Guide Examples

The following illustrates the kinds of words and phrases that are indexed as subjects:

Subject Field Examples Comments
Subject headings food
women skaters
political parties
If the singular form doesn't work, try a plural
People Serena Williams
Vicente Fox
Companies Boeing
General Motors
Leave off "Corp.," "Inc." etc. for more matches
Geographic locations Peoria, Illinois
Nairobi, Kenya
For an exact match, use city, state (not abbreviated) or city, country
Events Chernobyl nuclear accident
1986 Olympics
Recurring events, such as "Olympics," are subdivided by year
Organizations Amnesty International
Environmental Defense Fund
Department of Homeland Security
Statutes Hatch Act of 1939
Tax Reform Act of 1986

You don't have to enter every word of a subject heading to get a match. Enter Chernobyl, and "Chernobyl nuclear accident" will be near the top of the list. Reform will find "Tax Reform Act of 1986," although any entries that begin with "Reform" will be first on the list.