Publication Guide Pages

As you do a Publication Search, you will drill down through a series of steps allowing you to pick a specific publication by title, chose a publication year (if prior years exist), and then select a single edition, volume, or issue.

Publications Page

The Publications page displays an alphabetical list of all publications that contain the word(s) you entered on the Publication Search page. For each title on the list, you'll find some or all of the following information, where relevant to the type of publication: ISBN or ISSN, publisher, number of issues per year, audience (general, academic, professional, etc.), format (magazine, academic journal, newspaper, etc.), country of origin, language, and the years for which indexing and/or full-text coverage are available. Click the Hide Details button to show only the publication titles and format; click Show Details to display publication information for all titles shown.

If the list of publications exceeds a page, use the Previous and Next arrow icons, which will appear at both the top and bottom of the Publications page, to page through the list. You may also enter one or more words in the search box at the top of the list and click the Go button to search within the list (any search limiters you entered on the Publication Search page will remain in effect).

To select a publication, click its title and you will be taken to the Issues page, where you'll find a list of available issues by year.

Issues Page

Use the Issues page to select a publication year and then a specific edition, volume, or issue for the publication you chose from the previous page (as shown in the Results for box).

The Issues page re-displays the publication information for the selected title. Below this you'll see a drop-down list of years (years not shown indicate there are no matching documents in the database). Select a year and you will see a list of individual editions or volumes or issues for the selected year, with the most recent displayed first. Whenever available, you will see the publication date, and volume and issue numbers. Please note that volume and issue numbers are formatted in the database as Arabic numerals (1, 2, 3, etc.) even if the publication originally used Roman numerals.

You will see arrow icons at the top and bottom of the page if there are additional periodicals on the Publications page that matched your search query. You may go to the previous and/or next periodical on the list by clicking the Previous and Next arrows, respectively. You may also enter one or more words in the search box at the top of the list and click the Go button to search within the list.

Select an edition/volume/issue to see search results, listed in page number order.

Publication Search Results

The results list page of a Publication Search is very similar to the results list you get for other types of searches. However, instead of tabs, you'll see a single list of citations that correspond to all the available documents (be it an entry, essay, periodical article, report, etc.) in the database(s) searched for the publication, year, and edition/volume/issue you selected. Documents are listed in ascending page number order, similar to what you would find in a table of contents. Click a document title to view its full record.

Note that while every effort has been made to include all documents for the selected edition/volume/issue, the availability of documents depends on the rights and permissions negotiated.