What is a Critical Thinking Topic Search?

If your library has purchased the Critical Thinking add-on module, you will be able to surf through a collection of the most conversation-sparking and thought-provoking current events issues, as related to this database.

Here's how it works:

  1. Begin your search by clicking on the Critical Thinking link in the search path bar.
  2. A selection of broad category areas will be displayed that match what you are studying (such as Science or World Affairs). Depending on the collection you are using, the list of Critical Thinking categories may vary. Select a category to view the available topics.
  3. After selecting a category, the system displays a list of topics, arranged in alphabetical order. If you find a topic that matches what you want to search for, click it to get a Critical Thinking results list of documents on that topic.

Along the way, the Critical Thinking Topic Trees Search displays a "breadcrumb trail" so that you can go back to the list of categories if you need to pick a different term.