When your search produces results from different types of sources, you'll see your results organized into tabs, similar to file folders. Tabs group the information you'll find into content areas that contain similar types of documents.

The following tabs are available, although not every tab may contain items, depending on your actual search results. Tabs with no results are "grayed out" and will not work.

Documents on all tabs may include images.

Tab name What you'll find...
Viewpoints Features full-text essays culled from Greenhaven Press's vast social issues content vault. Users of the Critical Thinking module may also find Critical Thinking documents on this tab, as indicated by the "thinking head" icon .
Reference Features full-text essays from authoritative reference works selected especially for this database. Users of the Critical Thinking module may also find Critical Thinking documents on this tab, as indicated by the "thinking head" icon .
Magazines Contains full-text articles from a wide variety of general interest periodicals.
Academic Journals Contains full-text articles from scholarly periodicals.
News Includes full-text articles from newspapers and newswires, updated daily.
Primary Sources Unlike the Reference tab which is made up of secondary sources, this tab contains primary documents.
Statistics Includes statistics, government data, laws and legislation, political positions, public policies and more. When viewing graphs, charts, tables, etc., you'll find a link to display the document as a PDF file. Note that when documents from the other tabs contain statistical data, that data will be available on this tab, as well as from a link within the original document.
Multimedia Contains photographs, maps and line drawings. For each item on this tab, you'll see an icon showing the type of multimedia resource. If enabled by your library, you will be able to perform a Google© Image Search to look for additional images from this tab.
Websites Lists websites related to your search term(s). Selecting a citation from the Websites tab will display a document containing the hyperlinked address for the website, along with a brief description of the site. Click the web site address link to view the site. To return to Opposing Viewpoints Resource Center, CLOSE the window in which the website appears.

You can change the sort order of results using the Sort by pull-down menu.

Note: Searches that target a single type of result will not produce tabbed results. For example, searches of the Dictionary, Publication Searches and Critical Thinking Searches (if available) give you results from a single type of content, so tabs are not needed.

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