Performing a Subject Guide Search

Here's how to do a Subject Guide Search:

  1. If you're not already at the Subject Guide Search page, click Subject Guide Search from the search path bar
  2. Enter one or more words in the Find box
  3. Optionally enter one or more search limits (if enabled) to limit your search results
  4. Click the Search button

Hint: It's usually best to search for only one or two words. If you enter more than one word, enter the most important word first, even if that looks backwards. Use one or more wildcards if you're unsure of spelling or want to search for variant forms of a word. Also try making your search term plural when searching broad topics, such as birds.

The word "and" is ignored; however you may use the OR and NOT logical operators. Proximity operators are ignored.

If your search is successful, you'll see a page of the Subject Guide. If no exact matches are found, the search system goes through a series of fall-back steps to try to get you results.

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