Changing the Sort Order of Results

You can change the order in which items are listed on the results list. Select one of the following options from the Sort by pull-down menu found at the top of the results list. The choices you have will vary by tab. Once you have chosen your sort option, the screen will refresh and show your new sort preference.

Sort option Arranges list...
Content Level with documents marked Basic first, then Intermediate, then Advanced
Document Title alphabetically by document title
Document Type alphabetically by type of document
Newspaper Section by specific newspaper sections, such as "Arts and Entertainment," "Business News," or "Opinion and Editorial" (see document types)
Publication Date in reverse chronological order by publication date with newest documents displayed first
Publication Title alphabetically by source
Relevance by how closely documents match your search query
Note: The relevance sort limits your results to the 500 most relevant documents. It is not available when you use wildcards in your search query. Nor is it available for Publication Search or Advanced Search results.

Note: Not all options are available for all tabs and not all tabs allow you to sort your results.