Using the Results List

A successful search produces a summary listing of documents that match your search term(s). The results list gives you a quick look at key document information so you can tell at a glance if you want to view the full record, be it an article, multimedia file, or other content. Each results citation includes the document title and brief publication information, and to the right you'll find the document type. Below the citation you may also find an excerpt from the article containing your search terms and additional document links (refer to the "A Guide to What You'll Find on the Results List" help page for complete details).

To view a document, simply click its underlined document title.

Note: The publication information you find on the results list is not properly formatted for use as official bibliographic citations. To cite a document for notes and bibliography entries, click the How to Cite button and remember to use a standard style as directed by your teacher.

Whenever your search examines at least two content areas, you will see tabs that group your results into similar types of documents. Click a tab name to see its results (the tab name will change to a hyperlink as you mouse over it). Tabs that are "grayed out" mean that no results were found for that type of content. Note that some searches return only one kind of content, and therefore your results may not contain tabs.

Search results from a Critical Thinking Search (available only in the Critical Thinking module) will contain up to three results and not show any tabs. In addition, you will find a "Questions to Think About" box above your results.

You may see your search terms highlighted wherever they appear within the results list, depending on the type of search used and if you have selected this option as part of your Preferences. In addition, when you do a Basic Search, your results citations will also include an excerpt showing the first occurrence of your search term from the text of the document (known as "keyword in context").

A summary of the search that produced the results list is displayed just below the page banner. To revise the current search, use the breadcrumb trail to return to the search page. A Refine search link (displayed below the tab names) may be available for some types of searches.

Centered above the first citation you'll find a count of the results on the current page out of the total number of results. The Previous and Next arrow icons on either side (repeated at the bottom of each page) let you go backward or forward, respectively, one page at a time. You may jump to a specific result number by typing a number in the Results box and clicking GO.

The results list provides many useful features designed to facilitate your research. The actual features available depend on the type of search, the database(s) or module(s) you selected to search, and the system settings made by your library. Click a "Related Topics" link below to find out more.

Note: Searches that result in a single matching record will take you directly to the document display page.

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