Performing a Quick Search

For certain types of content, you may be able to perform a subject search of the database for one or more terms directly from the results list and/or document display page using the Quick Search box. The Quick Search box is located in the left-hand sidebar. You may use AND, OR, and NOT to create Boolean expressions (see General Search Tips for more information on logical operators). However, note that search limiters are not available for Quick Search.

Depending on where you are in the database and the type of content that is currently displayed, you may also be able to search within a publication. In this way you can target a search to a single issue or within the entire source publication by selecting one of the radio buttons below the search box. In this case, the system will perform a full-text search of the selected area, as opposed to searching the entire database.

If you perform additional searches using Quick Search, you will see your previous search terms appear in the search box.

Searches using Quick Search are added to your Previous Searches list. When revising a Quick Search, you will be taken to the Basic Search page. However, if you select one of the Within this publication/document options when viewing publication information from the About this Page pages, you will be taken to the Advanced Search page.