Performing a Publication Search

Here's how to perform a Publication Search:

  1. If you're not already at the Publication Search page, click Publication Search from the search path bar
  2. Enter all or part of the publication title you're searching for
  3. Optionally enter one or more search limits (if enabled) to limit your search results
  4. Click the Search button

You can leave in words such as "the" and "a" even though these are stop words and are not indexed (i.e., they will be ignored). If you're not sure of a spelling or want to search for alternate spellings or endings, use one or more wildcards in your search. You can also use logical operators to combine words in various ways.

After entering all or part of a publication title, the Publication Guide will be displayed for all publications in which the word or words you entered occurs in the title. Here you can browse an alphabetical list of publications that contain your search terms, along with publication information, such as ISSN/ISBN, format, publisher, and dates of coverage.

Upon selecting a publication, you can then narrow your search to a specific edition, volume, or issue of that publication. Once you have selected a single edition/volume/issue, the system will display - in page number order - all the available articles, essays, reports, etc. from that source as a results list.

The types of publications available to search depend on the database(s) you are currently searching. From the Publication Search page, click List All to see the entire list of publications available in the Publication Guide.

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