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From Ongoing Controversies to Today's Hot Topics

Should parents be held responsible for the crimes of their minor children? Is Affirmative Action a leg-up or a handout? Can school violence be prevented? Today's increasingly complex issues are presented in a pro-and-con format in Opposing Viewpoints Resource Center. With its rich content drawn from the acclaimed social issues series from Greenhaven Press as well as content from other Gale sources, this database develops and enhances critical thinking skills and provides an ideal reference source for everything from social studies projects to debate preparation.

The remainder of this page is divided into six sections:

Section 1: The Content You'll Find in Opposing Viewpoints Resource Center

Opposing Viewpoints Resource Center offers students stellar content:

Note: Click the Title List link on the toolbar for a complete list of sources used in this collection.

The Critical Thinking Module

Your school or library may have also purchased Critical Thinking, an add-on module that integrates with Opposing Viewpoints Resource Center to help students and teachers find the best information available on today's controversial topics. The Critical Thinking module presents questions that spark critical thinking in students, and allows teachers to focus on teaching--not writing questions.

You can easily tell if you are using the Critical Thinking module with this database if the Critical Thinking logo appears in the title bar alongside the name of this database.

Section 2: Continuous Updating

Section 3: Choose from Many Search Options

You have many search options in this collection to find the information you seek, whether you wish to enter one or two keywords, search using pre-defined subject terms, or construct complex search queries using Boolean logic, to name a few choices.

To find... Select...
Documents by topic Basic Search
(and select the Subject option)
Documents by searching against key fields Basic Search
(and select the Keyword option)
Documents by searching all text, including key fields Basic Search
(and select the Entire document option)
Documents by selecting a current topic A hyperlinked topic term from the Basic Search page
Documents by topic by first browsing subject terms Subject Guide Search
All available documents in a specific issue, edition, or volume of a publication where results are displayed in page number order Publication Search
Documents by building as simple or as complex a search expression as you want using any of several indexes, alone or in combination Advanced Search
CCL Advanced Search
Documents by their document number Advanced Search and use the document number search box
Documents by browsing curriculum standards and drilling down to related content associated with specific teaching objectives Curriculum Standards
Documents designed to encourage and strengthen critical thinking skills Critical Thinking (only available with the Critical Thinking module)

If enabled by your library, you may also be able to limit your search to target specific results.

Section 4: Make the Most of Your Search Results

This collection displays your search results as citations grouped by tabs, which are similar to file folders. Each tab corresponds to a type of source material, such as Reference essays or Multimedia content. Just click a different tab to see more results. You even have the ability to re-sort result citations in a way more convenient for you. Then click on the hyperlinked citation title to display the full record for the selected citation.

No doubt you'll find many documents that meet your research needs. You have at your fingertips these easy-to-use ways to help you make the most of the information you find:

Your research needs may lead you to seek out alternate formats of the documents you find. Or you may wish to search for other, related resources. Once again, the online products of Gale provide the assistance you need by offering links to:

Note: Some of these additional retrieval options must first be enabled by your library.

Curriculum Focused Tools

Opposing Viewpoints Resource Center offers many features targeted specifically to students and educators, including:

Section 5: Expand Your Search to Include More Databases

This database collection is cross-searchable with Student Resource Center, the Gale Virtual Reference Library collection of eBook content, and with premier periodical databases (such as InfoTrac OneFile, General Reference Center, and many others) via Gale PowerSearch. To do this, your library must first enable the cross-search feature. The list of databases available to cross-search depends on your library's subscription.

Section 6: Move Around Easily with Standardized Navigation Features

From beginning your search to viewing results to selecting documents, Gale makes navigation easy with a standard banner that appears at the top of most pages. In the uppermost right-hand corner you may find a link to your library's home page (if enabled by your library). Below that on the title bar you'll find general session links, such as setting preferences or logging out. You will also be able to change the size of the text displayed on the screen.

Below the title bar is a one-stop toolbar featuring links to help you manage your search results with tools such as InfoMark and Marked Items. You'll also find handy links such as a Toolbox to help with your research assignments, a list of your Previous Searches, an online Dictionary, and a link to the Title List of sources used in this collection.

Under the toolbar you'll find the search path bar, where you can access the available search pages to begin a new search.

And lastly, you'll always know where you are in the product with the "breadcrumb trail," which shows the path your search has taken and lets you easily return to a previous step. The breadcrumb trail is the bottom row of the banner bars.

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