Linking to Documents with Related Subjects

While viewing documents, use the document sidebar to easily link to additional documents with related subject terms. There you'll find one or more Related Subjects links, along with the number of results for each term shown in parentheses. Clicking a term will perform a Subject Search and display a results list of matching citations.

Related subjects are just what they sound like: subjects that aren't directly about what you searched for but are related in some way. For example, a document about "earthquakes" may contain links to documents that cover related topics, such as "natural disaster damage" and "tsunamies."

Terms prefaced with dashes are subdivisions of the main term. Subdivisions take a broad or complex subject and break it into subheadings, letting you concentrate on those aspects of a subject that are most meaningful to you. Subdivisions are only available for documents from periodicals (such as magazines, journals, and newspapers, where available).