A Guide to What You'll Find on the Results List

Each item on the results list contains information designed to let you decide if you want to view or retrieve the document itself. Clicking the document's hyperlinked title displays the full content of the document on the document display page.

Here is a sample results item:

Sample results item

Here's what you'll find for each citation (item) on the results list:

You'll see either...
Icon Text link What it means...
   Always appears as an icon Checkbox to mark or unmark the document, which will add or remove it, respectively, from your Marked Items list
  Always appears as an icon Checkbox to mark all or unmark all, which will add all documents on the current page or remove them, respectively, from your Marked Items list
  One of these may appear:

One of these may appear:



When enabled by your library, indicates the content level
Always appears as a text link In Small Town, 'Grease' Ignites A Culture War. Title of the document is a hot link to display the full record
Always appears as text Diana Jean Schemo.
The New York Times, (Feb 11, 2006): pA1(L).
(1591 words)
Brief citation information that includes, where applicable: author, editor, edition, source, ISSN, page number, publisher, date published, publication location, Website annotation and number of words in the article (Note: Full citation information can found within the document or by clicking How to Cite)
Where used, the Lexile reading level always appears as text Reading Level (Lexile): 1180. When enabled by your library, indicates the Lexile reading level (Note: Appears only for citations from magazines, journals, and news sources)
Full-text Click this link to see the full content of the document (no images are included)
Full-text with graphics Indicates that images are included; click this link to see the full content of the document
Number PDF Page(s) Click this link to download the document in Portable Document Format (PDF) for viewing and printing (may not be available for all documents)
About this publication Click this link to display the About this Publication page where you'll find information about the source publication (from there you can link to other documents from the same source)
How to Cite Click this link to generate citation information using the style of your choice
Check for this item at... If enabled by your library, you may see up to three links to allow you to search for the corresponding periodical in your library's or other institution's online holdings catalog
Various possible icons, such as:

Various possible text links, such as WorldCat or SFX If available at your library, you may have additional ways retrieve a document that will take you out of this Gale collection and into another electronic source or the electronic catalog in your library or in a related library system
Always appears as text Various possible document types, such as:
Primary Document
Topic Overview
Viewpoint Essay
At the far right of the citation you'll see a brief description of the kind of document you'll find; depending on the database(s) you are searching, this list will vary
   Always appears as an icon The image of the "thinking head" icon means the document is from the Critical Thinking module (available as a separately purchased subscription that integrates with this database). Note that results from a Critical Thinking Search will also include the "Questions to Think About" box above your search results.

Note: Icons and text links function the same way. Your library has chosen to display one format or the other. Wherever you see icons, simply hover over the icon to pop up its corresponding text description.

Keyword in Context

When you do a Basic Search or a Critical Thinking Search, the items on your results list will also include an excerpt showing the first occurrence of your search term if found within the text of the document (although in some instances, the excerpt may not appear, depending on how the document is indexed). Here is what the keyword in context looks like, using the sample results citation from above:

Shows the search term highlighted within an excerpt

Notice that the user's search term, in this case, grease, appears highlighted.