The Critical Thinking Module

The Critical Thinking module, which can be purchased separately as an add-on module that integrates with this database collection, provides additional content and features focused on critical thinking, a key component in developing and building 21st Century Skills in today's students in accordance with No Child Left Behind legislation. With Critical Thinking, students are challenged to analyze, evaluate and reflect on today's most-studied and most-talked about issues, as related to this database collection.

You can easily tell if you have access to the Critical Thinking materials in this collection if the Critical Thinking logo appears in title bar alongside the name of this database. You will also find the Critical Thinking link on the search path bar (both the title bar and the search path bar can be found in the banner area at the top of the screen).

How to Find Critical Thinking Materials

There are several ways to find the Critical Thinking materials in this collection:

Search the Critical Thinking Topic Tree

To view the specially designated Critical Thinking topics by subject area, click the Critical Thinking link on the search path bar. You will "drill-down" through the Critical Thinking topic tree to select a specific topic. You may also choose to view all topics on one page. Selecting a specific topic will display a results list page that contains only Critical Thinking documents.

Perform Any Search

As you search this collection using the various search methods, your results list may contain Critical Thinking documents, if there is a match to your search terms. The Critical Thinking documents are easily distinguished by the Critical Thinking icon .

Limit Your Searches to Target Just the Critical Thinking Materials

When performing a Basic or an Advanced Search, you can click on the limit to Critical Thinking documents (one of the search limiters available below the search box). Checking this limiter will guarantee that your results contain only Critical Thinking documents.

Note: Critical Thinking documents are only available to subscribers of the Critical Thinking module, which is offered as an add-on module to this database. If you are interested in finding out more, please have your Library Administrator contact Gale for more information.

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