Viewing a Critical Thinking Document

When you are viewing a Critical Thinking document on the document display page, you will find the Critical Thinking sidebar to the left that links you to special features found only in the Critical Thinking module:

Questions to Think About

Includes three questions about the topic of the article to get the thinking process started and to focus students on the topic.

Words to Know

Lists five to seven key vocabulary terms for the article that are highlighted within the text. Click the speaker icon to hear the word pronounced. Hover over a highlighted vocabulary word to pop up the definition of the word.

Listen to this Article

Click the Listen to this Article button to hear the title and text of the article read aloud. You may also save the audiocast as an mp3 file.

Take the Quiz

Students can link directly from the article to an assessment that has eight multiple choice questions and two to four essay questions.

Find Out More

Provides an activity at the same content level of the article that will take students deeper into the database and the topic.

Related Documents

At the bottom of the page, you'll find a link to See related Critical Thinking documents. Clicking this link takes you to the Critical Thinking results list, which lists up to three Critical Thinking documents on this topic.

Note: Critical Thinking documents are available to subscribers of the Critical Thinking module, which is offered as an add-on module to this database. Have your Library Administrator contact Gale for more information if you are interested in accessing and using Critical Thinking resources.