Content Sets

Content sets represent logical groupings of documents based on factors such as subject matter, publication format and relevancy.

You can select one or more content sets to search against using the Basic Search, Subject Guide Search and Advanced Search pages.

Here are the descriptions of the content sets you'll find:


Contains full-text essays from the social issues series published by Greenhaven Press, including At Issue, Contemporary Issues Companions, Current Controversies, Opposing Viewpoints Digests, Opposing Viewpoints, and Teen Decisions.


Contains full-text essays from numerous Gale, Macmillan Reference USA and U*X*L sources featuring biographies, commentary, criticism and overviews. Includes Environmental Encyclopedia, Encyclopedia of American Foreign Policy, Great American Court Cases and selections from the Encyclopedia of Sociology and Bioethics for Students.


Features a wide variety of general interest periodicals that full-text articles, including National Review, The New York Times, Time, Newsweek, and many more.

Academic Journals

Features a wide variety of scholarly periodicals that contain full-text articles.


Includes articles from newspapers and newswires, updated daily. Among others, Opposing Viewpoints Resource Center provides full text from the New York Times, Boston Herald, San Francisco Chronicle, and the Seattle Times.

Primary Sources

A primary source is original material or information that has not been interpreted by another person. Examples of primary sources are court records, government documents (like the Constitution), letters, some documentary films, memoirs, position papers of organizations, original research, and editorials. In this database, primary sources may also include complete or excerpted personal narratives, eyewitness accounts, or even excerpts of seminal works if they embody important ideas for a particular historical period. These are often accompanied by commentary that puts the primary document in historical context. Click the Toolbox link on the toolbar for more help on distinguishing between primary and secondary sources and how they can be used in your research.

Examples of this type of content include legislation, court decisions, conference proceedings and policy issue statements.


Provides exclusive electronic access to the Information Plus reference program, featuring statistics, government data, information on laws, legislation and public policies and more, along with links to documents that summarize and explain the statistical data.


Features photographs, maps and other types of line drawings, as well as podcasts.


The websites found in this collection represent the organizations, institutes, and government agencies that are referred to in many of the viewpoint articles in Opposing Viewpoints Resource Center and were hand selected by the Opposing Viewpoints editorial staff.

Note: Click the Title List link on the toolbar for a complete list of sources for used in Opposing Viewpoints Resource Center.

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