Content Levels

If enabled by your library, content level icons next to article citations in the tabbed results list describe the degree of detail and difficulty each information source provides. The levels coincide with stages of research: from basic research for facts about a topic to deeper research for more background and context to a sophisticated information need for scholarly details and recent developments.

Further, content level icons indicate the levels of the sources' intended audiences. Many publishers, such as Gale, U*X*L, Time, Inc., and the New York Times, create reading materials for a targeted audience and these publisher recommendations are the basis of the designated content levels.

Content Level Icons

The following describes the content level icons you'll find and what they mean:

A green dot denotes Basic content Basic content provides a good overview for any student beginning a research project. It not only provides a foundation of key facts about a topic, but introduces keywords to help students who continue their research in other materials or on related topics. Basic content level sources are generally those published for readers up to the eighth grade level.

A yellow square denotes Intermediate content Intermediate content builds on the research or information at a basic level. For a more experienced researcher, these articles cover a topic in more detail, offering more background information as well as contextual information to expand on the facts. An Intermediate content level indicates a source published for students from a seventh grade comprehension level up through undergraduates, as well as the general public.

A red triangle denotes Advanced content Advanced content allows a student to complete the most sophisticated assignments requiring the latest news and details at a scholarly or professional level. For example, all articles on the Academic Journals tab are Advanced.

Where Do Content Level Icons Appear?

When enabled in this database, content level icons are displayed as part of the citation on the tabbed results list. Note that content level icons do not apply to results on the Multimedia tab.

Limiting Your Results by Content Level

When enabled by your library, you can limit search results by content level so that your results contain only documents with the content level(s) you select. If the content level limiter is not available for a given search type, you may still be able to apply the limit when viewing the tabbed results list by clicking Expand/Limit.