Browsing a List of Indexes or Search Limiters

When creating an Advanced Search query, limiting a search or when refining search results, you may be able to browse a list of matching entries if a Browse link or button is available to the right of the input box. Clicking the Browse link will open a pop-up window where you can make your selections.

What Does it Mean to Browse an Index or Search Limiter?

Some search limiters and/or Advanced Search indexes contain a set of entries that you may browse and select from (generally in a pop-up window) to build your search query. For example, you may browse a list of publication titles or your previous searches to see all possible entries available. This allows you to select the exact term or phrase used by the search system without having to type it yourself.

The particular search limiters and/or indexes that may be browsed depend on several factors, including the the collection you are logged on to, the type of search you are performing, and possibly the database(s) and/or module(s) you selected to search. You will know that a particular search limiters and/or index can be browsed when you see a Browse link or button to appear to the right of the input box.

Using the Browse Window to Find an Entry

Clicking a Browse link or button opens the browse window. You may look for a particular entry by typing one or more words and then clicking the Find button. Some indexes can be browsed by clicking the beginning letter of the term you are looking for. If you had entered search limits on the Advanced Search page, those limits have been applied to the browse list, where applicable.

Use the Previous and Next links to page through the list of entries.

Selecting Entries from the Browse Window

Click to place a check mark in the box in front of an entry. You'll see the entries you have selected appear in a "My" list box to the right. If you select two or more entries, they will be connected using the OR logical operator. For example: "apple" OR "orange" OR "kiwi". The number of entries you can select depends on what you are browsing. Any maximum limit will be indicated on the screen.

You may remove entries from the "My" list by clicking the Remove link. Clicking Clear will remove all selections from the "My" list box.

When you have finished making your selections, click the Submit Selections button. You will be returned to the search input page and your selection(s) will be automatically entered.

Performing a Search Directly from the Browse Window

Some entries in a browse list also function as a way to launch a search, in which case you'll see the number of search results the system would find if a search on that term were performed. Simply click the hyperlinked entry, if available, to see a results list for that search term.

Revising a Previous Search

If you are browsing your previous searches, you'll see a list of result sets. As described above, you may select one or more result sets to add to your "My" list box, or you may re-run the search by clicking the result set itself. You may also click the Revise link to return to the search page used to originally create the search and use all the fields and features of that page to modify the search.

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