Performing an Advanced Search

Here's how to perform an Advanced Search:

  1. If you're not already at the Advanced Search page, click Advanced Search from the search path bar
  2. Select an index from the drop-down menu (some indexes may be browsed)
  3. Enter your search term(s)
  4. Optionally select a logical operator (AND, OR, NOT), select an index, and enter additional search term(s) -- you may add as many rows as needed by clicking Add a row
  5. Optionally enter one or more search limits (if enabled) to limit your search results
  6. Click the Search button

The index and logical operator selections that you see are only suggestions. Use the drop-down lists if you want to make your own selections. To search on multiple indexes, select a logical operator at the far left to connect each index you're searching. The AND operator is used by default, unless you select OR or NOT. To search more than three indexes, click the Add a row link.

Selecting certain indexes will cause a Browse button to appear allowing you to select from a list of entries that appear in a separate browser window.

If you're unsure of a spelling or want to search for variations, use wildcards in your search expression.

Clicking the Clear Form button will remove any search information you entered and reset the form to its original state.

If your search is successful, you will see a results list page with citations matching your search criteria on the right-hand side of the page organized into one or more tabs. You may also see a list of the subject terms most closely matching your search terms on the left-hand side of the page known as the Subject Guide sidebar. If no results can be found, you will get a message asking you to revise your search.

You can also use the Advanced Search page to enter a specific document number and display the corresponding document.

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