Inter-Library Loan

If available for this database and enabled by your library, you can request a resource from another library connected to your library or your library's catalog system by clicking the Inter-Library Loan link. This link, which may appear as an icon or as a text link, can be found on the results list, Marked Items list, and on the document display page.

An Inter-Library Loan request form will appear in a separate browser window (either your's library's own request form or a generic e-mail form supplied by this Gale product). Check all browser windows, as the form may be "under" another browser window.

Certain fields on the form will be filled in and you may optionally enter additional details about the publication you are requesting. Make sure to enter the required fields, which include the "Not Wanted After Date," your name, user identification number, and your e-mail address!

Click Submit to send the request, or click Clear to remove all information from the form.

Note: If the Inter-Library Loan link seems to appear for some records, but not others, this may be because the source you seek is part of your library's collection so a request to another library is not needed (check your library holdings by clicking the Library Holdings link). Or this database may contain the PDF version of the document (in which case you'll find a PDF link).