What is an Advanced Search Index?

In the same way that you can find a book in a library by its author, title, subject, or catalog number, every document in this database collection is stored (or indexed) using information about the document. Indexed pieces of information may include, for example, author, title, date of publication, and so on. Gale also assigns a unique document number to each document, which is yet another way a document can be retrieved. Documents are generally also indexed by keywords and subjects. In addition, Gale database collections often have other indexes that are specific to the type of content you'll find. For example, collections that include current magazines and/or journals index those articles by the periodical's identification number, known as its ISSN.

Since they are indexed, these pieces of information are searchable. Advanced Search and CCL Advanced Search let you search these indexes, alone or in combination. In this way you can search for all documents by a certain author, for example. Or all documents by a certain author AND that also contain the keyword(s) you enter.

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