Depending on the collection you are currently using, the images you find may include photographs, illustrations, charts, maps, artwork, or other types of graphics. Images can be included within the text of a document or as image-only documents in the Multimedia tab. When viewing a results list, you'll know a document contains some kind of image if you see the icon.

Some collections allow you to limit your search so that results only contain documents with images.

Images embedded within a text document may initially be displayed on the document display page in a smaller size, known as a thumbnail. Using a reduced size enables the search system to send the data quickly over the Internet. In some cases, you can enlarge the graphics to full size by clicking on the image. Some collections initially display a text link that when clicked shows the full image.

In some collections when a document contains multiple images, you may navigate to the previous and next image of the current work using the Previous and Next links within the navigation bar provided. You may also enter an image number, or if available, a page number, and click on the GO button to be taken directly to that image or page. Note that image navigation controls are only available in select databases.

Using the Image Viewer

In some collections, a Shockwave Flash window will display the image, allowing you to scroll the image and zoom in and out using the controls provided or by using your mouse. You can also open the image in its own browser window. Please note that use of the image viewer tool requires that you have Shockwave Player installed. If you don't have Shockwave Player, you will still see the image, but will not be able to scroll or zoom. You can download a free version of Shockwave Player from Adobe.

Printing and E-mailing Documents with Images

When printing documents with graphics, the images are enlarged to full size and integrated with the text. Note that while you can e-mail documents that contain images, only the text portion of the document will be sent, along with a link to image.

Linking to the PDF Version of an Image

If available in PDF, you will find a link to the PDF version of the document that contains the image.

Note: Occasionally in some collections Gale does not have the rights to display an embedded image. In this case, the system will attempt to place a caption – at the point where the image originally occurred – indicating that the image is unavailable.