Performing a CCL Advanced Search

The CCL Advanced Search page offers another way of doing an Advanced Search for those who prefer to structure their search query more like a programming code instruction. The CCL Advanced Search (CCL stands for Command Control Language) allows you to choose indexes to search on from a drop-down menu or to directly enter their two-character index abbreviations.

Searching using CCL Advanced Search involves these steps:

  1. If you're not already at the Advanced Search page, click Advanced Search from the search path bar
  2. Click the CCL Advanced Search link at the bottom of the search input area (you may need to scroll down the page)
  3. The CCL Advanced Search fields will display below the list of previous searches you've already conducted (if any). Choose an index
  4. Click on the entry box (after the index abbreviation)
  5. Enter one or more words, using wildcards if desired
  6. If you want to search additional indexes in the same query, click the appropriate logical operator button (AND, OR, NOT) and repeat Steps 1-3
  7. Click the Search button

Step 1 is optional. If you don't choose an index, the keyword index is searched.

You can use logical and other search operators in your search expression (e.g., jobs or employment). See General Search Tips for more information on search operators.

Selecting Search Terms from a Browse List

When you choose an index from the menu, you may see that some choices cause a Browse link to appear to the right of the search box. Clicking the Browse link lets you view in a pop-up window a list of all entries for that index. You can then select up to 10 entries that will be automatically entered in the input box.

Finding an entry

You may look for a particular entry by typing one or more words and then clicking the Find button. Some indexes can be browsed by clicking the beginning letter of the term you are looking for. If you had entered search limits on the Advanced Search page, those limits have been applied to the browse list, where applicable.

Use the Previous and Next links to page through the list of entries.

Selecting entries

Click to place a check mark in the box in front of an entry. You'll see the entries you have selected appear in a "My" list box to the right. If you select two or more entries, they will be connected using the OR logical operator. For example: "internship programs" OR "apprenticeship" OR "employee training". The number of entries you can select depends on what you are browsing. Any maximum limit will be indicated on the screen.

You may remove entries from the "My" list by clicking the Remove link. Clicking Clear will remove all selections from the "My" list box.

When you have finished making your selections, click the Submit Selections button. You will be returned to the search input page and your selection(s) will be automatically entered.

Creating Your Own Search Queries

Experienced searchers who are comfortable with the index abbreviations can create their own simple or complex search expressions directly in the search entry box:

  1. Leave the drop-down index selection set to "Add indices to CCL"
  2. Click in the box
  3. Enter a search expression
  4. Click on Search

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