Advanced Search Examples

Here are some ways to do Advanced Searches. The database you are using may or may not be set up with these particular indexes, but the principle is the same.

Keyword (ke) television AND
Keyword (ke) satellite AND
Entire Document (tx) competition

This is a search for articles about the satellite television industry that mention competition. One way to achieve success in an Advanced Search is to experiment with different indexes. Finding a word in the Keyword or Subject index is best, but the Entire Document index, especially in combination, can be an effective search tool.

Author (au) dvorak AND
Publication Title (pu) computer shopper

This is a search for John Dvorak's columns in Computer Shopper. If you have a title index available, you can also find articles or series of articles by title.

Keyword (ke) brian mulroney NOT
Entire Document (tx) airbus NOT
Entire Document (tx) libel

This is a search for articles about former Canadian Prime Minister Brian Mulroney except any that mention either Airbus Industrie or libel. This should effectively eliminate any articles about the accusation of kick-backs and Mulroney's subsequent libel suit. Notice that you must use the not operator a second time, rather than the or operator.