Citing Gale Resources

You can get bibliographic citation information based on a format of your choice while viewing a document or your Marked Items list by clicking the Citation Tools link in the Tools box. You will be able to save the formatted citation(s) to a file, generate the formatted citation(s) on-screen for printing, or export the citation(s) for use with third-party software.

Note: While the data elements for the dynamically generated citations have been formatted to meet the latest citation standards set forth by the respective agencies, these citations provide the available publication data for the document cited and should only serve as a guide and not as a replacement for the latest guidebooks – or those required by your instructor. Please refer to the provided MLA examples and APA examples for proper formatting. Consult your instructor for specific bibliographic style preferences required of your written work.

Select the way in which you would like to get citation information using the Generate a Citation page:

Choose a citation format and click Save to download the formatted citation(s) to a file (your browser will prompt you for a save location). Or click Generate to see the formatted citation(s) on-screen (use your browser's Print function to print the page if desired).

To export a file of formatted citation(s) to a third-party bibliographic management software package or website, select the product from the list provided. Then click Export. Note that Gale does not supply or support third-party bibliographic citation generating software.

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