Article Display

The Article Display page lets you view the selected article as it originally appeared in print. Image viewer controls let you pan the image, change the size and/or orientation, view two instances of the image side-by-side and so forth.

You can toggle to other views:

Here is a partial view of the Article Display screen:

Sample Article Display page

Note: Viewing the article image requires Adobe Flash Player version 10.0 or higher. A link will be provided to download this plugin if you do not have it.

Citation Information About the Article

The Article Display screen includes a brief citation for the work at the top of the display, above the article image.


Tools are provided to:

Image Licensing

When viewing articles that contain an image, as designated by the camera icon Image on the results list citation, you can click the License Image License Image tool. This opens a pop-up window where you can submit a request for an image license from the Mary Evans Picture Library. The system will automatically enter the image id numbers for all images within the article. Click on an image id to select it. Press and hold the CTRL key to select multiple images.

Note: The image licensing feature is not administered by Cengage Learning. For any enquiries please contact ILN Ltd at

Search Terms Highlighted

For Keyword and Entire Document searches, your search terms will appear highlighted within the article text.

Find Within the Article or Issue

You may search within the currently displayed article or within the entire issue by entering one or more terms in the Find box and then selecting from the within drop-down list. This search supports fuzzy searching.

Marking and Saving the Article

Click on the Mark box Mark checkbox box to add this article to your Marked Items list so that you can easily return to this article at any time during your current session. The Marked Items list lets you save, email and print multiple articles at once. An article that you have previously added to your Marked Items list will show a check mark in the checkbox.

You can also save the article for future access after you've ended your current session by clicking the Bookmark tool Bookmark.

Navigating to Other Articles from Your Search Results

If you reached this page by performing a search, navigation controls are provided so you can go to other articles from your search results.

Returning to Your Results List

Use the breadcrumb trail to return to your results list or the search page where you can revise your search.

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