The Home Page

The home page offers a straightforward way to search featuring a single search box, the choice of selecting from the most widely used search options, and the optional ability to use search limiters. The home page also features information about this Gale database. You can return at any time to this page by clicking the Home link in the search type bar.

The home page may appear by default as the first page when you start this database, depending on your library's configuration. Or a search type page, such as Advanced Search, may appear as the start-up page.

Note: If you are new to using this database collection, the Welcome page provides answers to commonly asked questions. Be sure to also check out these Search Tips.

How to Search this Site from the Home Page

Here's how to perform a basic search of this database from the home page:

  1. Enter one or more words in the Find box
  2. Select a search option by clicking one of the radio buttons below the Find box: Subject, Keyword or Entire document
  3. Optionally select from the Limit Results options and/or limit your search by Publication Date(s) (refer to the table below)
  4. Click the Search button
  5. If your search is successful, the system will display the Search Results page with items matching your search criteria organized into tabs on the right-hand side of the page. In the left-hand sidebar, you'll be able to further refine your results and view multimedia content.
  6. If the system cannot find results matching your search terms, a link will provided to revise your search. Whenever possible, the system will suggest "Did You Mean?" terms similar to what you entered.

Search Limiters on the Home Page

You may wish to limit the kinds of results your search will produce. Check one or more of the following before you click the Search button:

Limit Results:
Option Description
documents with full text You can limit the results of your search to include only documents with full text, thus eliminating any citation-only and abstract-only articles. Depending on how your location is set up, the box might be checked by default.
peer-reviewed publications You can limit the results of your search to include only articles from peer-reviewed publications. Depending on how your location is set up, the box might be checked by default.
document with images Limits results to only those documents that contain some kind of image. Depending on how your location is set up, the box might be checked by default.
library holdings Allows you to limit results to just those publications your library has in its holdings.

Publication Date(s):
You can limit your search results to include only documents published by a date or range of dates. Click the appropriate radio button to search by All Dates, or to search for documents Before, On, or After a specific date or within a range of dates (Between). Next use the drop-down boxes to select the exact date or range of dates that you want, or click the calendar icon and navigate to a date by month and by year (today's date will be shown by default on the pop-up calendar).

Note: If you want to enter additional search criteria for an even more focused search, click the Advanced Search link on the search type bar to perform an Advanced Search.

Finding Out About this Database

The left-hand sidebar of the home page gives you "snapshot" information about the database you are using, including a count of the total number of documents in the database, the source library, the dates of coverage, the number of documents by the most represented languages, a synopsis of new features/content, and a way to link to more information about this database.

The home page also presents a "Featured Publication," which provides a brief description of this source and a link to view more publication details. You may also click the View All link to display all featured publications.

Below the "Search this site" input fields, you'll find a list of documents that have recently been added or updated, with direct links to view those documents. You will also be able access a results list of all documents in the database, with those documents that have been most recently been added or modified displayed first.

Any RSS feeds you have customized to appear on the home page will also display. You must be a registered Gale user in order to create RSS feeds for the home page. Not all databases support RSS feeds on the product home page.

Note: Select the About link from the Toolbox menu at the top of the page to go to the product website.

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