Lexile Scores and Reading Levels

If enabled by your library or school, this database collection uses the Lexile Framework® for Reading score.

The Lexile® score rates the difficulty of text based on word frequency and sentence length. A score is displayed as a number followed by an L, such as 850L.

The Lexile® reading level (or scale) is a developmental and educational tool designed to match a reader's skills to the text. The reading level assigns a category to a range of scores. For example, scores below 200L are considered beginning-reader material, while scores above 1700L are considered advanced (i.e., at the college level).

Please refer to the Lexile Web site for more information.

Where Do Lexiles Appear?

When enabled in this database, Lexiles are displayed as part of the item on the tabbed results list for documents from magazines, academic journals and news sources, where available.

Limiting Your Results by Lexile

When enabled by your library, you can use Advanced Search and limit search results by Lexile so that your results contain only documents with the reading level you select. The limit will apply only to periodical content.