Printing Marked Items

You may print your list of Marked Items as a list of citations or showing the complete text of all entries. Simply click the Print icon on the toolbar (found in the banner area at the top of the page) to display the Print Marked Items page.

Use the Print Marked Items page to select the Marked Items to be printed by checking individual items or to choose all, click the Print All box. Items are grouped according to content (ie., all Reference items are listed together) and there is a Print All box available for each type of content. By default, all items will be selected.

In the Print Options box, select Citation to print only the citation information for each marked item. Or select Full document to print the complete text and any graphics. Both options show you the estimated number of printed pages.

Some databases offer a choice of citation format. In the Bibliographic Citation Format box, choose the style for the citation information:

Gale citation Prints standard Gale format. Note: these are not official bibliographic citations and are not suitable for use in a research assignment.
MLA Formats according to Modern Language Association (MLA) standards.
Plain text with bibliographic tags Prints text-only format, with bibliographic "tags" based on the Z39.80 standard

Note: Some databases do not support all of the citation formatting options.

When you have finished entering print information, click Print. Or click Cancel to exit the page without making any changes and return to the last page viewed.