Marked Items

While viewing certain pages, such as search results and entries, you may want to collect records in a list called Marked Items which allows you to set aside entries you're interested in and then view and/or retrieve them all at once, rather than doing so one by one. If the Mark or Marked Items links are "grayed out," then the records you are displaying cannot be marked.

Note: Once you have exited this database, your Marked Items list will be lost, unless you InfoMark it.

You may collect up to 50 entries in your Marked Items list. To add items to your Marked Items list, click to place a check mark in the corresponding Mark checkbox. Items on results lists will appear highlighted as you mark them.

To remove an item from your Marked Items list, simply click the checkbox to remove the check mark.

Whenever you display a marked item on a results list or on the entry display page during your current session, you will see a check mark in the corresponding Mark checkbox.

Using Your Mark List

To view your current list of saved items, click the Marked Items icon in the toolbar (found in the banner area at the top of the page).

The appearance of the Marked Items list closely resembles a results list. The total number of items you have marked is also shown at the top of the Marked Items list.

Click the Remove button to remove an item from your list or click Remove All to clear all items from the list at once.

To export your Marked Items list to CSV format, click the Export List icon on the toolbar. To download all named individuals within the list, click the People List icon, also on the toolbar.

Note: You may mark up to 50 items. You will be notified if you reach this limit and try to mark additional items. You will then have to view your Marked Items list to remove some items in order to add more.

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