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Statistics Sources (SS) provides a wide array of print and non-print, published and unpublished, and electronic and other forms of U.S. and international statistical sources on economic, business, financial, industrial, cultural, social, educational, and other topics. This easy-to-use resource serves as a guide to current sources of factual quantitative information on more than 25,000 specific subjects covering data sources from more than 180 countries.

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Section 1: Scope

Statistics Sources lists current national and international sources of factual qualitative information on tens of thousands specific subjects in the fields of commerce, culture, government, health, education, the environment, social sciences and many, many others.

You'll also find entries for states and individual countries. State entries include listings for state data center agencies that make census information and data available to the public. Individual entries for each country are categorized under specific subject headings, enabling the user to pinpoint sources of statistics on subjects such as agriculture, education, energy, imports, population and consumer prices. Two types of key statistical sources are cited in country entries (as applicable and available): a listing for the country's National Statistical Office, if the country has such an office, and also a listing for the major printed sources for the country. These sources should be consulted by users seeking more in-depth data, particularly for technical and commercial activities in countries other than the U.S. and Canada.

In addition to both print and machine-readable sources, a considerable number of organizations, government agencies, trade and professional groups, and international bodies are included in the eDirectory because they are important sources of statistical data, even if they do not ordinarily publish all of the statistics they compile. In such instances, specific inquiries may be addressed to the organization mentioned. The street address of the publisher of any work cited has been provided wherever possible, followed by the telephone number of the source, as well as email and web site information, where available.

In addition, you can access other ancillary materials (i.e., an annotated bibliography of key resources, a Federal statistical telephone contacts list, as well as sources of published and non-published statistical data) to help pinpoint key sources and individuals, as more clearly defined in Section 4 below.

Section 2: Method of Compilation

During the preparation of this eDirectory, the editors thoroughly analyzed and indexed hundreds of American information sources, several years of Statistical Abstract of the United States, numerous basic statistical publications from many organizations, and special statistical issues of professional, technical and trade journals. Additional sources of international statistics are also cited.

Section 3: What You'll Find in a Statistics Sources Entry and Searchable Fields

Statistics Sources is your guide to current sources of factual quantitative information on industrial, business, social, educational, financial, and other subjects for the United States and internationally. The main method used to store entries is by the issuing organization of the statistical data; however, there many ways to find entries, including by Keyword, or by some other specific field of data using Advanced Search (refer to the Corresponding Advanced Search Index(es) column in the table below).

When you search for entries, your search results will show the main fields of data, enough to give you a brief view of the citation. The full entry can be viewed on the entry display page by selecting the entry name from your results list.

Tip: The table below lists the kinds of information you will find in the entries in this eDirectory. Note that not all fields are present in every entry.

The Corresponding Advanced Search Index(es) column lists which Advanced Search index to use to search that field.

Field of Information Description Corresponding Advanced Search Index(es)
Subject / Entry Title Subject heading for which statistical data has been compiled or published. Below this subject heading you will find listed one or more organizations. Information for each organization will include postal address, email and website, where available, and the specific statistical source(s) originating from that organization. These fields are listed below.

Name (ti)
Keyword (ke)

Issuing Organization An organization which compiles and/or publishes statistical information on the topic listed in the Subject / Entry Title.

Organization Name (on)
Keyword (ke)

Address, Phone, Free, Fax, and Telex Complete address information for the issuing organization.

Area Code (ar)
City (cc)
State (sc)
Zip (zc)
Country (cn)

Email The electronic mail address of the issuing organization.  
Website The issuing organization's World Wide Web address.  
Source(s) The issuing organization's specific print publications, non-print media, and/or databases that provide statistical information. The designator "unpublished data" may also appear here.

Product/Publication Title (pt)

Subject(s) Lists subject matter terms associated with the statistical sources listed in the entry. Keyword (ke)
Source Citation Bibliographic information, along with a How to Cite link.  
Gale Document Number Displays the document's unique identifying number. Record Number (rn)

Section 4: Additional Listings Pinpoint Key Sources, Individuals and Appendixes

To access or download any of the following documents in PDF format, please use the following link: Statistics Sources Additional Listings.

Selected Bibliography of Key Statistical Sources

The Selected Bibliography of Key Statistical Sources provides an annotated guide to a selected group of major, general statistical compendia and related works, and includes dictionaries of terms, almanacs, census publications, periodical sources, and guides to machine-readable and online data sources. Both governmental and non-governmental sources are cited. A source's availability in machine-readable form or as an online database is noted wherever possible.

Federal Statistical Telephone Contacts

The Federal Statistical Telephone Contacts provides the names and telephone numbers of individuals and agencies within the U.S. federal government with expertise in identifying the most current sources of statistical data.

Source Publications Appendix

The Source Publications Appendix provides an alphabetic listing of the specific publication titles of every printed source mentioned in Statistics Sources, along with the issuing or publishing bodies, their addresses and phone numbers.

Sources of Nonpublished Statistical Data Appendix

The Sources of Nonpublished Statistical Data Appendix identifies the agencies, institutions, and other organizations which are cited as sources of nonpublished statistical information in Statistics Sources.

Section 5: Comments and Suggestions Welcome

Users can make important contributions to future editions of Statistics Sources by notifying the staff of inaccuracies and/or specific statistical data sources not yet listed. Your comments are also welcome.

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