Information Industry Directory (IID)

Information Industry Directory (IID) is a comprehensive descriptive guide to the international information industry. IID encompasses all aspects of the industry, including organizations, systems, and services. The organizations covered in IID are located in the United States and in 79 countries worldwide.

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Section 1: Scope

For more than two decades, the Information Industry Directory (IID) has been tracking the growth and development of international electronic information and publishing industries. The entries in IID provide contact and descriptive information on the organizations, systems, and services involved in the production and distribution of information in electronic form.

Organization Listings

The organizations profiled in IID fall into the following categories (with some overlap):

Information providers

Organizations that produce electronically accessible information of interest beyond their own organizations, including:

Information access services

Organizations that use electronic means to facilitate access to information produced by themselves or others, including:

Information sources

Associations, market and academic research organizations, magazine and reference publishers, and other organizations that analyze and provide information about electronic information and publishing industries.

Support services

Product/Service Listings

This eDirectory also profiles specific computer products and services. These entries are listed by product/service name, with the organization that produces or provides the product/service listed as part of the mailing address.

Section 2: Method of Compilation

Prior to the release of each new edition of Information Industry Directory, all organizations are given the opportunity to review and update their listings, and a number of new organizations are queried for information. When necessary, these efforts are supplemented by direct contact via telephone, mail, or email, and/or connection to organizations’ Internet sites. The process results in hundreds of completely revised listings appearing in this directory, and thousands of changes in addresses, contact numbers, personal names, and other items particular to the organization.

Section 3: What You'll Find in an IID Entry and Searchable Fields

Information Industry Directory (IID) brings you an international guide to organizations, systems, and services involved in the production and distribution of information in electronic form, providing full contact details and descriptions. Entries are arranged either by organization name, with a listing of the products and/or services that the organization administers, or by the name of the product/service offered, with the administering organization name listed as part of the address information. You have many search options available to help you find entries, including by keyword, or by some other specific field of data using Advanced Search (refer to the Corresponding Advanced Search Index(es) column in the table below).

When you search for entries, your search results will show the main fields of data, enough to give you a brief view of the organization/product profiled. The full entry can be viewed on the entry display page by selecting the entry name from your results list.

Tip: The table below lists the kinds of information you will find in the entries in this eDirectory. Note that not all fields are present in every entry.

The Corresponding Advanced Search Index(es) column lists which Advanced Search index to use to search that field.

Field of Information Description Corresponding Advanced Search Index(es)
Organization Name and Acronym
Product/Service Name
IID listings for an organization will display the name of the organization and, as applicable, important subunits. May also include the organization's acronym, if applicable.

IID listings for a product will display the name of a computer-readable database product or computer-based service. The organization that produces or provides the product/service will be included as part of the address information.
Name (ti)
Keyword (ke)
Producer/Provider Name A company or organization name will appear above the address in an unlabelled field when the listing is for a specific database product or computer-related service. Organization Name (on)
Address, City, State/Province, Zip/Postal Code, Country The organization's permanent mailing address is provided for all entries. City (cc)
State (sc)
Zip (zc)
Country (cn)
Phone Telephone number. The area code portion of the phone number can be searched using Advanced Search. Area Code (ar)
Free Toll-free telephone number.  
Fax Fax number.  
Email Presents the electronic mail address for the organization and/or its director. May also include alternate email address(es).  
Website Features Internet access information as it pertains to an organization and its products and/or services.  
Contact Name and title of the director or administrator directly in charge of the activity. Officers (na)
Keyword (ke)
Former Name The former name of the organization is also provided if the name has changed, the organization merged, or the organization absorbed another organization. Name (ti)
Keyword (ke)
Organization Name (on)
Founded When the organization was founded or when a product was first made available or when a particular service was established. Year Founded (fd)
Functions/Services Classifies organizations, systems, products, and services into one or more main categories according to their chief functions or types of services provided. Resource Type (rt)
Staff The total number of staff and a breakdown in the following categories: information professional; management professional; technician; sales and marketing; clerical; and other. Additional categories, such as subject specialist, are listed separately if provided by the respondent. Employee Count (em)
Financial Information May include an organization’s revenue amount, revenue type, fiscal year, currency code, and applicable SIC codes. Operating Revenue - in 1,000's (rv)
Fiscal Year End (ye)
Ticker Symbol For a publicly traded company, lists the ticker symbol used to identify it on a stock exchange. Ticker Symbol (ts)
Stock Exchange For a publicly traded company, lists the stock exchange on which the company is traded.

The stock exchange on which the company is traded will be one of the following:
  • AMEX — American Stock Exchange
  • Balt/Phil/DC – Baltimore, MD/Philadelphia, PA/Washington, DC Stock Exchange
  • Boston – Boston Stock Exchange
  • Midwest – Midwest Stock Exchange
  • NASDAQ – National Association of Securities Dealers’ Automated Quotations
  • National – National Stock Exchange
  • NYSE – New York Stock Exchange
  • OTC – Over-the-Counter
  • Pacific – Pacific Stock Exchange
  • Pittsburgh – Pittsburgh Stock Exchange
Exchange (ex)
Organization Type The company type will be designated as one of the following: private, public, government agency, subsidiary, etc. Type (cf)
Related Organization(s) Lists names of related organizations, including affiliated institutions, parent companies, government agencies, or departments, as well as nonrelated organizations providing major sources of external financial support. Name (ti)
Description In a listing for an organization, this field provides a summary of the organizations's information industry activities and services, and electronic information resources and products.

In a listing for a specific product/service, this field contains general information about the product or service, which may include coverage and access information.

See also the Computer Products and Services field for additional, more-specific details.
Description (de)
Keyword (ke)
Scope Principal areas of interest, type of activity, or subject emphasis of the specific unit being described.  
Input Services Major sources of input for the information activities described, including types of literature surveyed, documents acquired, data collected, tape services leased, and products of online access.  
Holdings Type and quantity of stored information in all forms, including the number of items and the time period covered by machine-readable files, and other published and unpublished material, raw data, card files, and micrographic holdings. Library holdings and special files are also listed when known.  
Publications/Microforms Title, frequency, and description of journals, newsletters, periodicals, directories, user aids, and other publications issued by the facility that relate to the information industry. Conditions of availability are also given, as are the name and address of the supplying organization if different from that of the reporting organization. Publications listed generally fall into three categories:
  • titles in any subject area that are derived from computer-readable databases
  • user aids, technical manuals, and other documentation for databases, online services, or software
  • newsletters, journals, and directories about the information industry In addition to publications, the form, size, and conditions of availability of microforms produced or distributed by the facility are also covered. Significant internal utilization and applications of micrographic products and equipment may also be included.
Product/Publication Title (pt)
Computer Products and Services Applications of computer technology in all areas of information provision and access. For information providers, this feature includes details on their computer-readable databases, especially the means of obtaining online, offline, or CD-ROM access to them. For information access organizations, it lists the databases or online systems used in providing their services and describes the types of services provided, such as online access, computerized information retrieval, and selective dissemination of information (SDI). It also covers software products or turnkey systems made available to other organizations for in-house use. This field may list specific product/service names, or a general description of the products/services offered. Product/Publication Title (pt)
Other Services A listing of major services offered by the organization other than those given in items above. Product/Publication Title (pt)
Intended Market/Availability Identification of user groups and clientele for whom services are provided. Also given here are the restrictions, if any, imposed on users either in terms of accessibility to the facility or its services, or limitations on reproduction, use, or application of information supplied by subscription, lease, or rental.  
Pricing Contains general or specific pricing information pertaining to an organization’s products and/or services.  
Remarks Additional information not adaptable to the standard entry format may be listed here. Description (de)
Additional Contact Information Name and title (and telephone number if different from main contact information) of the individual to be contacted for additional information on the products or services described in the entry. May include additional toll-free telephone numbers, telex and fax numbers, and electronic mail addresses. Officers (na)
Keyword (ke)
Subject(s) Lists subject matter terms associated with the general and specific subject interests reported by the organizations. Also lists subjects covered by computer-readable databases and their print counterparts. Keyword (ke)
SIC Lists the Standard Industrial Classification (SIC) codes, which is a way of associating an organization with one or more industries based on hierarchical categories. SIC (ss)
Source Citation Bibliographic information, along with a How to Cite link.  
Gale Document Number Displays the document's unique identifying number.  

Section 4: Comments and Suggestions Welcome

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