Government Research Directory (GRD)

For more than 20 years, Government Research Directory (GRD) has been the most comprehensive source of information available on research facilities and programs of the U.S. and Canadian federal governments. Listings include e-mail addresses, information on patents available for licensing and expanded coverage of key personal contact.

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Section 1: Scope

Government Research Directory (GRD) provides a guide to more than 7,500 research programs and facilities operated by or for the U.S. and Canadian federal governments. GRD provides convenient access to information about basic, applied, developmental, exploratory, experimental, and theoretical research in all disciplines. The directory also guides users through massive and complex government organizations to sources of expertise and information on emerging technologies. Included in GRD are:

Section 2: Method of Compilation

Listings in this edition of GRD have been updated and/or verified for currency, with thousands of changes to contact and descriptive information. The inclusion of Internet website addresses continues. Updated information was obtained directly from the official websites of the listees.

Section 3: What You'll Find in a GRD Entry and Searchable Fields

Government Research Directory (GRD) provides detailed information on research facilities and programs of the U.S. and Canadian federal governments. The main method used to store entries is by research center name; however, there many ways to find entries, including by Keyword, or by some other specific field of data using Advanced Search (refer to the Corresponding Advanced Search Index(es) column in the table below).

When you search for entries, your search results will show the main fields of data, enough to give you a brief view of the center profiled. The full entry can be viewed on the entry display page by selecting the entry name from your results list.

Tip: The table below lists the kinds of information you will find in the entries in this eDirectory. Note that not all fields are present in every entry.

The Corresponding Advanced Search Index(es) column lists which Advanced Search index to use to search that field.

Field of Information Description Corresponding Advanced Search Index(es)
Parent Agency Names and Research Unit Name Name of the research organization. If the research center is a unit of an academic or government institution, the college, university or government agency name is listed prior to the research center name. Keyword (ke)
Name (ti)
Acronym The official acronym or initials of the research center is listed in the entry.  
Address, City, State/Province, Zip/Postal Code, Country Contains the street address, city, state (or province), full zip code, and country code of the location or permanent mailing address of the research unit. In some instances the address may not be in the same city, state, or province, or even country, as the parent institution. City (cc)
State (sc)
Zip (zc)
Country (cn)
Phone Telephone number. This is listed when provided by the organization and is usually for the main office of activity. The area code portion of the phone number can be searched using Advanced Search. Area Code (ar)
Free Toll-free telephone number.  
Fax Fax number.  
TYY/Telex/Cable These are listed when provided by the organization.  
Email E-mail address, which may be for the center or institute itself or a contact person.  
Website URL for the web site of the center.  
Contact Primary officers, their titles, and personal email addresses may be provided when available. Generally includes the name and title of director or head of the center, or the main contact person. Keyword (ke)
Officers (na)
Alternate Name(s) If an organization has an alternate name, it is listed here. The different possibilities are a variant name or Also Known As (AKA), a previous name (Formerly), or a joining with another center (Merged with or Absorbed). Keyword (ke)
Name (ti)
Founded Year center was established. If the center has changed its name, the founding date is usually for the earliest name under which it was known. Year Founded (fd)
Staff Lists numbers of full-time, permanent, and parttime personnel, including research, administrative, technical, faculty, postdoctoral, graduate, and other staff.  
Research Budget Annual dollar volume of research is provided when authorized for publication by the center. Annual revenues may also be included.  
Financial Support Listed when provided, including institutional, governmental, and private grants as well as the in-house projects and sales that help maintain the research activities of the organization.  
Description Information on the governance and present status of the center, such as whether it is an integral unit of a university or other organization, is separately incorporated but affiliated with or located at a university, or is itself a private, independent nonprofit organization. In many cases, the unit’s affiliated department or division within the parent institution is mentioned, as is the existence of any internal governing body. Keyword (ke)
Description (de)
Research Principal research fields or projects are briefly described and a statement concerning the center’s research mission may also be provided. Description (de)
Patent(s) Lists patent information, where applicable. Description (de)
Resources Unique equipment, facilities, or capabilities maintained by the center, including research facilities and equipment, property, and special collections. Description (de)
Databases Names or descriptions of the center’s own electronic databases. Description (de)
Publications Publications published by the organization, including newsletters, annual reports, magazines, journals, and monographs. Description (de)
Educational Activities Academic programs sponsored by the center, including programs for continuing education; professional education, special certification, and specialized training; conferences; seminars. Description (de)
Meetings Meetings held regularly by the center. Description (de)
Scholarships Fellowships, grants, scholarships, internships, and other forms of financial assistance provided to students and fellows who participate in research activities. The description of the scholarship may include information on eligibility, the monetary value of the scholarship, and the number of scholarships offered. Description (de)
Awards Lists competitive prizes awarded by the organization. The description may include the monetary value, frequency, and number of awards bestowed. Description (de)
Services Clinical services, consulting activities, technical assistance, and public services offered by the center. Description (de)
Membership Participation in or affiliation with other organizations, such as consortia, networks, and significant associations. Description (de)
Library Name or type of library maintained by the center. Description (de)
Holdings Lists specific types of publications maintained by the center’s library, including volumes, books, journals, slides, audiotapes, and more. Description (de)
Subjects Lists the specific subjects or topics of the holdings of the library. Description (de)
Librarian Lists name of the librarian, and when given, the librarian’s official title and email. Description (de)
Information Officer Lists the name of the information officer and email when provided by the organization.  
Technology Transfer Officer Lists the name of the technology transfer officer and email when provided by the organization.  
Subject(s) Lists subject matter terms associated with the principal field or fields of research conducted by the center or unit. Keyword (ke)
Government Affiliation Where applicable, this field displays the name of the unit, agency or institution that has an association with, management of and/or jurisdiction over the center:
  • Legislative, Judicial, and Executive Offices
  • Department of Agriculture
  • Department of Commerce
  • Department of Defense
  • Department of the Air Force
  • Department of the Army
  • Department of the Navy
  • Department of Education
  • Department of Energy
  • Department of Health and Human Services
  • Department of Homeland Security
  • Department of Housing and Urban Development
  • Department of Justice
  • Department of Labor
  • Department of State
  • Department of Transportation
  • Department of the Treasury
  • Department of Veterans Affairs
  • Independent Agencies
  • Government of Canada
Section Broad category into which the center is grouped. The Sections in GRD are:
Agriculture, Food, and Veterinary Sciences - 01
Biological and Environmental Sciences - 02
Medical and Health Sciences - 03
Astronomy and Space Sciences - 04
Computers and Mathematics- 05
Engineering and Technology - 06
Physical and Earth Sciences - 07
Business and Economics - 08
Government and Public Affairs - 09
Labor and Industrial Relations - 10
Law - 11
Behavioral and Social Sciences - 12
Education - 13
Humanities and Religion - 14
Regional and Area Studies - 15 (includes Africa, Asia, Europe, Latin America, Middle East, North America, South America, former Soviet Bloc)
Multidisciplinary Programs - 16
Research Coordinating Offices and Research Parks - 17
Keyword (ke)
Section Heading (sh)
Section Number (sn)
Source Citation Bibliographic information, along with a How to Cite link.  
Gale Document Number Displays the document's unique identifying number.  

Section 4: Comments and Suggestions Welcome

If you have questions, concerns, or comments about Government Research Directory (GRD) or suggestions for new listings, contact Donna Wood, Senior Content Project Editor, Government Research Directory.

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