Awards, Honors & Prizes (AHP)

Awards, Honors & Prizes (AHP) describes awards given for achievements in virtually every field of endeavor.

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Section 1: Scope

Awards, Honors & Prizes (AHP) is the single most comprehensive source of information on awards offered by organizations worldwide. These awards recognize achievements in all fields of human endeavor, including: advertising, architecture, arts and humanities, business and finance, communications, computers, consumer affairs, ecology, education, engineering, fashion, films, journalism, law, librarianship, literature, medicine, music, performing arts, photography, public affairs, publishing, radio and television, religion, science, social science, sports, technology, and transportation.

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Section 2: Method of Compilation

The information contained in the entries has been assembled from information obtained via correspondence through electronic mail and the web sites of administering organizations, as well as mail correspondence.

Section 3: What You'll Find in an AHP Entry and Searchable Fields

Awards, Honors & Prizes (AHP) is an international directory of awards and their donors. The main method used to store entries is by the name of the administering organization; however, there many ways to find entries, including by Keyword, or by some other specific field of data using Advanced Search (refer to the Corresponding Advanced Search Index(es) column in the table below).

When you search for entries, your search results will show the main fields of data, enough to give you a brief view of the organization profiled. The full entry can be viewed on the entry display page by selecting the entry name from your results list.

Tip: The table below lists the kinds of information you will find in the entries in this eDirectory. Note that not all fields are present in every entry.

The Corresponding Advanced Search Index(es) column lists which Advanced Search index to use to search that field.

Field of Information Description Corresponding Advanced Search Index(es)
Award Name Name of the award, honor, grant, or prize. Name (ti)
Keyword (ke)
Organization Name The name of the organization administering the award(s) appears immediately above the address. Organization Name (on)
Address, City, State/Province, Zip/Postal Code, Country The organization's permanent mailing address for information on awards. City (cc)
State (sc)
Zip (zc)
Country (cn)
Phone Telephone number. The area code portion of the phone number can be searched using Advanced Search. Area Code (ar)
Free Toll-free telephone number.  
Fax Fax number.  
Email When provided in source material, electronic mail numbers are listed.  
Website Whenever possible, the home page or URL for Internet access to organization's site is provided.  
Former Name The former name of an award and the year of the name change may be displayed, if provided. Name (ti)
Variant Name Displays other name(s) by which the award is known. May also show the award name in additional language(s), when provided by the organization. Name (ti)
Award Description The description of the award indicates the purpose for which it is given, the criteria for eligibility, whether one can apply or must be nominated for the award, and the application or nomination deadline. May also include the type of award (for example, monetary); the frequency of award presentation and the occasion on which it is presented; the year the award was established and in whose honor or memory it is presented; and the sponsor or co-sponsor of an award, if it is an organization other than the administering organization. Description (de)
Keyword (ke)
Former Organization Name The former name of the organization is also provided if the name has changed, the organization merged, or the organization absorbed another organization. Name (ti)
Keyword (ke)
Variant Organization Name The name of the organization is given in up to two additional languages, when provided by the organization. Name (ti)
Keyword (ke)
Subject(s) Lists subject matter terms associated with the award. Keyword (ke)
Source Citation Bibliographic information, along with a How to Cite link.  
Gale Document Number Displays the document's unique identifying number.  

Section 4: Comments and Suggestions Welcome

If you are interested in additional information about AHP, are interested in information about other Gale business products, if your award is listed in AHP and you have a question pertaining to your profile, or if you would like to have your award listed, please contact:

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