What is an eDirectory?

An eDirectory is a type of eBook that has been captured electronically for viewing and searching using a personal computer or a network computer from a library, school or home. Gale Directory Library is a collection of eDirectories that has been purchased by a library or school for the use of their patrons or students.

Each eDirectory contains listings, or entries, according to the subject of the directory. For example, Ward's Business Directory of U.S. Private and Public Companies contains specific pieces of information, such as name, address, financial data, company officers, and so on for thousands of U.S. companies. Click here for a list of the eDirectories currently available in Gale Directory Library.

eDirectories are purchased individually by the library, so what you see in one library's collection may differ from what you see in another library. What this means for the user is that search results obtained from a school library may be totally different from those obtained from a public library, even though the same search was performed. It all depends on which directories the library bought for its collection.

Your library may be identifying which directories are in its eDirectory collection using special "e" stickers . When you see one of these stickers on the print version of a directory, you'll know that title is also available in the Gale Directory Library. See your librarian for more information.