Using the Results List

Your search results appear as a list of all entries found that match your search criteria. For each results list item, you'll find the entry name, the name of the source eDirectory in parentheses, and all the fields of information that are listed in the print version of the directory. Where available and relevant, you may also find links to an e-mail address and/or an external website. To view additional fields of information not available in the print editions (where applicable) and the complete source citation, click the hyperlinked entry name to go to the entry display page, which displays a single entry at a time.

Note: Refer to the "The eDirectories Available in this Resource" Help page for a complete listing of all eDirectories that are searchable using Gale Directory Library. From there, select an eDirectory title to go to a description of the directory and an explanation the fields of information you'll find in when viewing your search results.

Your list will contain 5, 10, 20 or 50 entries per page, depending on your Preferences setting. Centered above the first item you'll find a count of the results on the current page out of the total number of results. The Previous and Next links on either side (repeated at the bottom of each page) let you go backward or forward, respectively, one page at a time. You may jump to a specific result number by typing a number in the Results box and clicking GO.

Initially entries are arranged alphabetically by entry name. You can change the order in which entries are arranged by choosing from the Smart Sort drop-down selections.

A summary of the search that produced the results list is displayed just below the page banner. To revise the current search, use the breadcrumb trail to return to the search page. Or you may use the Quick Search box to the left to perform a new search directly from this page.

Under the Directories tab you'll find the Mark All box: . Click on the box to add all the entries shown to your Marked Items list, which remains available during your current session. Or you can selectively add individual entries by clicking on a Mark box in front of a specific entry. Entries that you have previously added to your Marked Items list will show a check mark in the checkbox.

You can also save this list of results for future access after you've ended your current session by clicking the InfoMark icon on the toolbar.

Exporting Entries

To download your results list to CSV format, click the Export List icon on the toolbar.

Downloading All Named People

To download up to the first 50 named individuals from your search results, click the People List icon on the toolbar. A pop-up window will prompt you for your email address. You can send yourself or others a CSV (comma-separated value) file containing complete contact information for all people listed in the entry.

Note: The publication information displayed on the results list is not in official bibliographic citation format. To cite an entry for notes and bibliography entries, click the How to Cite icon from the entry display page when viewing the full entry.

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