Product Overview

Use Gale Directory Library to browse and search trusted directory content from Gale in a Web-based, easy-to-use digital format. Gale Directory Library, much like its sister product, Gale Virtual Reference Library, transforms print titles into electronic books, or more specifically, eDirectories.

With Gale Directory Library, you can cross-search multiple titles at once; view extended content not available in the print editions; compile a list of entries for mass printing, downloading and/or e-mailing; export full entries or just the named individuals; and access the database remotely so that you no longer need to be on the premises or worry about checkout procedures to use directory materials.

Libraries can choose exactly which titles to make available to their patrons. The eDirectories to which your library subscribes are displayed on the Basic Search page. You can also get the list of sources that make up your library's collection by clicking the Title List link.

Note: With Gale Directory Library, your library has the ability to purchase eDirectories individually from a growing collection of directory sources, so what you find in one library's collection may differ from what you find in another library. Performing the same search query using the collections of two libraries may produce different results, depending on which sources were bought for each collection.

Click here for a complete listing of all eDirectories that are searchable using Gale Directory Library.

The remainder of this page is divided into the following sections:

Note: Your library may have other digitized directories available through a different interface which are not be searchable through Gale Directory Library.

Section 1: Search this Collection

With Gale Directory Library, you can search a single eDirectory or all eDirectories at once. In addition, you can limit your results to the most current editions your library has, or to also include backfiles of older editions.

Section 2: Manage Your Search Results

Results are delivered at the entry level (not a page at a time) in an HTML-based text and graphics format. You can sort your search results by fields relevant for each particular directory (such as name or publication date). And you can set your session preferences so that you decide how many entries per page will appear on your results list.

When you find entries that interest you or meet your research needs, use the following features to help you stay organized:

Section 3: How to Navigate this Collection

From beginning your search, to viewing results, to selecting entries, Gale makes navigation easy with a standard banner that appears at the top of most pages. In the uppermost right-hand corner you may find a link to your library's home page (if enabled by your library). Below that on the title bar you'll find general session links, such as setting preferences or logging out.

Below the title bar is a one-stop toolbar featuring links to help you manage your search results with tools such as InfoMark and Marked Items. You'll also find handy links such as Previous Searches, Dictionary, and a link to the Title List of sources used in this collection.

Under the toolbar you'll find the search path bar, where you can access the available search pages to begin a new search.

And lastly, you'll always know where you are in the product with the "breadcrumb trail," which shows the path your search has taken and lets you easily return to a previous step. The breadcrumb trail is the bottom row of the banner bars.

For more product information, use the footer links found at the bottom of most pages.