Exporting People Lists

You can export up to 50 named individiduals listed within the entries displayed on your search results list page. You may also use the People List feature from your Marked Items list.

Clicking the People List icon on the toolbar (found in the banner area at the top of the page) will cause the People Export Delivery form to appear. Type in your email address in the Mail to box. Separate multiple e-mail addresses with a semicolon.

Make any change to the Subject line that you want and, if desired, type a Message.

Click the Send button to send your data export. The list of people will be attached in CSV (comma-separated value) format. Whenever available, the exported file will contain the following fields: the individual's name and title (generically referred to as the Officer) and complete contact information, including the organization's Web site address. Also included is the Document Number of the entry.

When you are viewing an entry, you can download an electronic business card (vCard) in .VCF format for any contact listed within the entry by clicking the VCF icon Download VCF that appears after the contact's name.

Note: Data exported from the Gale Directory Library is for individual use only. Resale is not permitted.