Filtering Your Results

Within the Quick Search sidebar to the left, you'll find the Narrow Results by drop-down list. Select an option to filter your current results by:

How it works: Say you select "Category". The system will refresh the page and the sidebar will now display all categories for which current results were found. The number of results found for each category appears in parentheses. Selecting a specific category filters your results to display only the entries from that category. For example, a keyword search on "sleep disorder" may find entries from such categories as: Organizations, Companies and Consultants, Research Centers and Media Entities (depending on which eDirectories to which your library subscribes).

To filter your results to just Research Center listings, select that category. To remove the filter, click on the filter name that appears under Remove limit by.

Note that not all options may be available, as dependent on the actual content of your results.

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