Exporting Entry Lists

Generally speaking, you can export entries from your search results list or from your Marked Items list. You can export a maximum of 200 records from your search results list or 50 records from your Marked Items list.

Clicking the Export List icon on the toolbar (found in the banner area at the top of the page) will cause the Export Delivery form to appear. Type in your email address in the Mail to box. Then for the Export format, choose whether you want a single list that includes only common fields, or multiple lists that include all the fields in the results list (multiple lists are necessary for expanded field lists because each directory’s contents are different.)

Make any change to the Subject line that you want and, if desired, type a Message.

Use the check box to indicate if you would like to receive additional information about how to supercharge Gale Directory Library (you will not be sent duplicate information).

Click the Send button to send your data export to yourself. The list(s) will be attached in CSV (comma-separated value) format.

Note: Data exported from the Gale Directory Library is for individual use only. Resale is not permitted.