Basic Search

Here's how to perform a Basic Search:

  1. Click Basic Search from the search path bar
  2. Type one or more words in the Find box
  3. Select a search option by clicking one of the radio buttons below the search input box: Entity Name, Keyword or Subject
  4. By default, your search will be limited to include the data from current editions only that your library has available, or you may optionally choose to expand your results by clicking the Include both current and backfile directories radio button
  5. Click the Search button
  6. The Results page is displayed. To view an entry, click its title.

Available Directories

To the right of the Find box on the Basic Search page, you can view a list of the eDirectories to which your library currently subscribes as arranged into categories. Links are provided to View All titles and editions, View Titles only, or Hide All titles and display just the categories. You can also use the plus (+) and minus (-) sign icons to expand and collapse, respectively, the list of titles within each category.

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