Advanced Search

Here's how to perform an Advanced Search by Directory or by Category:

  1. Click Advanced Search from the search path bar.
  2. The Advanced Search page is displayed.
  3. Use the Choose radio buttons to select how you want to search: by Directories or by Categories.

    Note: To be able to search by Category, your library must subscribe to eDirectories in at least two of the categories.

  4. Select one or more items from either the Select directories or the Select categories list. Press and hold the Ctrl key to select multiple items. To search all items, select ALL.

    Tip: When you are selecting eDirectories, a small image of the eDirectory cover appears to the right; otherwise the "Cross Search" image appears to indicate that you are cross-searching multiple directories.

  5. Select an index from drop-down list. The list of indexes (also known as searchable fields) that appears shows the indexes that the selected items share in common.

    Tip: Click here to view Advanced Search indexes by eDirectory title, or to view a master list of all indexes.

  6. Type your search terms in the input box to the right of the index selection.
  7. You can optionally select a logical operator (AND, OR, NOT), select another index, and then type additional search terms. You can add as many rows as needed by clicking Add a Row.
  8. By default, your search will be limited to include the data from current editions only. You can also search backfile directories: Click More search options, and then click the Include both current and backfile directories radio button.
  9. You can optionally enter additional search limiters.
  10. Click the Search button.

Browse an Entire Directory

To browse an entire directory, which lets you view all its entries as a results list, select the eDiretory title from the Select directories box, and then click Search without any additional criteria.

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