Downloading Marked Items

You may download your list of Marked Items to a file to be saved on your computer or to a disk, jump drive, etc.

Here's how:

  1. Display your Marked Items by clicking the Marked Items link on the toolbar.
  2. For each category of document that you've collected, you'll find the category name (such as Reference or News), the number of items, and to the far right, a Download link.
  3. Click the Download link to download all the items collected in that group to a single file.
  4. The Download options page will be displayed in a separate pop-up window.
  5. Select HTML to download the document using formatted text (may include boldface and italics type) and to include active hyperlinks back to this database. Alternatively, in some databases you may be able select Plain text to download the document in text-only format, with bibliographic "tags" based on the Z39.80 standard.
  6. Click Download.
  7. Your browser will display options for saving the file.

The system will name the file "Downloaded Document" by default, using the appropriate file extension based on the format you selected. For example:

Downloaded Document.html (HTML format)
Downloaded Document.txt (Plain text format)

If you wish to change the file name, simply type over the words "Downloaded Document", making sure to leave the extension that appears after the period (dot).

The Cancel button closes the Download window without any action being taken.