Using the Dictionary

If you need to look up a word during your session, click the Dictionary link in the toolbar (found in the banner area at the top of the page). You'll see the Dictionary look-up page in a separate browser window where you can search for a word in the online Merriam-Webster Collegiate Dictionary.

Enter a word, or just the first several letters, select the dictionary, and then click Search.

To look up a word from a screen in this product, highlight the word, then click on the Dictionary link, and the word will be copied automatically to the look-up entry space.

If what you enter matches a word in the dictionary, you'll see the page of the dictionary where the definition or definitions are found.

If what you enter doesn't match a word in the dictionary, you'll see words that alphabetically follow what you entered. You should be able to find the correctly spelled word either on the page you see first or on a nearby page.