Using the Gale Database Menu

The Gale Database Menu is displayed when you first access your library's Gale resources from either a PC at your library or remotely.

From within a database collection, you can return to the Gale Database Menu by clicking Change Databases on the title bar. Note that in some products, you will use the More Databases link to return to the Database Menu.

How Collections are Listed on the Gale Database Menu

The Gale Database Menu displays all the Gale collections available in your library's subscription. The collections are arranged alphabetically into two groups: those products that can be included in a cross-search and those that cannot. Depending on your library's subscription, there may be databases that you can access but which cannot be included in a cross-search. These databases are listed under the heading "Additional Databases." You can click the Cross Searchable Databases and Additional Databases links to jump back and forth between these listings.

Each database listed in the menu has the following features. Note that some libraries customize their database collections. Ask your administrator if you have a question about which collections are available.

The Quick Search Box from the Gale Database Menu

In the left-hand margin you'll find the Quick Search sidebar. Enter one or more search terms in the Find box to perform a keyword search. You may choose to include all available cross-searchable databases, or just the databases you have selected via the Select boxes. Click the Search button to go directly to a results list in Gale PowerSearch.

Additional Links

Below the Quick Search box you may find these additional links:

Lastly, in the upper right-hand corner of the page, you may find, if enabled by your library, up to five library links in a drop-down menu.

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