CCL Advanced Search

The CCL Advanced Search page offers another way of doing an Advanced Search for those who prefer to structure their search query more like a programming code instruction. The CCL Advanced Search (CCL stands for Command Control Language) allows you to choose indexes to search on from a drop-down menu or to directly enter their two-character index abbreviations.

Searching using CCL Advanced Search involves these steps:

  1. Click Advanced Search from the search path bar
  2. Click the CCL Advanced Search link at the bottom of the search input area (you may need to scroll down the page)
  3. The CCL Advanced Search page is displayed.
  4. Select from the Add indices to CCL drop-down list to choose an index
  5. Type one or more words in the the entry box. Be sure to type your search terms after the index abbreviation
  6. To search additional indexes in the same query, click the appropriate logical operator button (AND, OR, NOT) and repeat Steps 4 and 5
  7. Click the Search button

Selecting an index is optional. If you don't choose an index, the Keyword index is automatically searched.

You can use logical and other search operators in your search expression (e.g., jobs OR employment). See Search Tips for more information on search operators.

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