Downloading Documents and Marked Items

You can download a PDF version of the content you find in this database as a file to be saved on your computer, a USB flash drive, or to a disk by clicking the Download tool Download from the Page View screen. Alternatively, you can download citation information for multiple works at once from your Marked Items List.

Downloading the Content as a PDF File from the Page View Screen

You can download a Portable Document Format (PDF) file of a document for viewing or printing with AcrobatTM Reader, a free application available from Adobe Systems.

You may download as a PDF file a single page, multiple pages, or the entire work when the page count of the work is 250 pages or less. Here's how:

  1. When you are viewing a work on the Page View screen, click the Download Download tool on the page toolbar
  2. The Download options page will be displayed in a separate pop-up window
  3. Select if you want to download as a PDF the current page, multiple pages, or when available, the entire work (details explained below)
  4. Click Download
  5. Your browser will display options for saving/opening the file

The system will name the file "Downloaded Document" by default, using the .pdf file extension.

The Cancel button closes the Download window without any action being taken.

Note: You can download up to 250 page images at a time. This will accommodate a vast majority of the works in this database through a single download. For larger works, you will need to make separate downloads, each indicating the required page ranges. For example, for a work with 392 page images, download the first 250 pages, and then as a second download, request pages 251-392.

Options for Downloading Pages as PDF Files

Option Description
Current Page in PDF Format Downloads the page currently shown on the Page View screen as a PDF file for viewing or printing with a PDF viewer (such as AcrobatTM Reader)
Entire Document This option is only available when the page count of the entire work is 250 or less. Use this option to download all pages in the work as a PDF file.
Download pages in PDF format Use this option to download multiple pages as PDF files. You may enter a consecutive or non-consecutive pages. The system uses the image number rather than the printed page number that originally appeared in print. Enter one or more single image numbers and/or a range of image numbers separated by commas. For example: 1,3,5-7,11-15

Note: Page numbers represent the actual page images displayed and often do not correspond to the page numbers originally printed in the document.

Downloading Citation Information for Your Marked Items

You may download your list of Marked Items as a list of citations. Simply click the Download Download tool to display the Download Marked Items page.

Select the Marked Items to be downloaded by checking individual items or to choose all, click the Download All box. Items are grouped into "Pages" and "Works" and there is a Download All box available for each group. By default, all items will be selected.

Pages will be downloaded in HTML format.

To process the download, click Download. Or click Cancel to close the window without making any changes and return to the last page viewed.

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